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~ How to Report Harm or Risk of Harm (page 1 of 5)
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You must complete the Details of the Report step before you can continue with the following steps.
Do you have concerns about an incident at a licensed retirement home that has or could result in harm to resident(s)? If so, please complete and submit this form so RHRA is aware of the incident and can take the appropriate action.  Anyone who sees or suspects a situation that harms or puts a resident at risk of harm must report it to RHRA. Family members, substitute decision makers, retirement home staff and operators all have the same responsibility to help protect the resident. Regulated health professionals such as doctors, nurses and social workers are also obligated to report harm or risk of harm to a resident.

Reports of harm or risk of harm can be made anonymously – you do not have to provide your name or contact details when reporting.

  • Resident:  A person who lives in a licensed retirement home.
  • Retirement Home:  A residential complex or part of a residential complex which has been licensed to operate as a retirement home by RHRA.
  • Substitute Decision Maker (SDM):  A person who is legally authorized to make a decision or to give or refuse consent on behalf of another person when required.
  • Incident:  Alleged, suspected or witnessed abuse or neglect of a resident(s), and/or other behaviour that results in harm or risk of harm to the resident(s).